When we go through life putting one foot in front of the other, we will stumble and fall here and there, We will experience highs and lows. We will go slow on some days and fast on others. We can run, jump, walk, climb, crawl and roll. And even when we are down on the bottom, we only have to find the strength to make that first move again. That move that gets us one step closer to our Dreams & Desires. When we fall ill, are in pain and low in energy, it will make it harder to take that first step. It takes strength, courage and especially a burning desire to make a move. Being unhealthy can really make our lives feel like a burden, “Why me, why now? I had such big dreams.”. It is what we do next that will set our course. Will we change our path, or do we let the burden of our unhealthy life grow and grow?

Real change will only come when it becomes a necessity to change. When we accept our life as it is, when we are content with where we are now, real change will not occur. It are the desperate times that call for desperate measures. If our desire is big enough to get healthier again, than we will find a way. However if we are just looking for a quick fix “cure-all pill” than we will get disillusioned quite easily. The key lies in our Habits.

Habits & Change

From the moment we are born we develop habits. These habits get so ingrained in our system that they will determine our character, our impulses, our relations and our overall life. Often our most destructive habits have their origin in our childhood. In which our first seven (7) years of our life are the most important. In this stage we download everything we see, hear, smell, taste, touch and how this makes us feel, to our Habit Control Center. During the rest of our lives we either enforce these habits, build new ones or make a conscious choice to change them. Neither will be easy. If we keep our bad habits, knowingly or unknowingly, they can make our lives harder than necessary. If we try to change our habits, or build new ones, we will enter a fight with our character, our identity, our mind, our feelings, our relationships and our lives.

The first step (1) of conscious change is Understanding. What is the source of our misery or success? Why do we (re)act the way we do? What underlying thought, feeling or emotion is behind the way we think, choose, do, or (re)act? Discovering the source of our habits can help us understand ourselves. Finding the deep truths about life and our own lives can be life-changing. We do start off with a set of genes, some planet-alignments and a soul. But it’s what we do, feel or think consistently that has build our current selves. We are our habits. We become what we do and think consistently. Often this is not our true self, it is a Persona. By observing ourselves we can find out which masks we wear and why.

This brings me to step two (2), who do we want to become? We now have a better understanding of who we are by consciously examining our habits and our past experiences. Now we want to know what life we want. Who do we want to be? What future do we want to build? What would our new identity look like? If it is being a healthy person full of energy, than we need to examine what a healthy person does on a consistent basis. This is step three (3). How does a healthy person thinks? What does a healthy person eat? When does a healthy person sleep? Through reverse thinking we can figure out what habits fit to this persona. Step four (4) would be to act on it. Integrate those habits we think are part of the person we want to be. Our conscious change steps will look like this:

  1. Understanding. Finding out the truth. Discover yourself. Observe.
  2. Who do I want to become? What do I want for my future? Why?
  3. What does a person like “this” do on a consistent basis?
  4. Act on it. Incorporate the habits that bring you closer to your desires.

Understanding Health

When we look at health we should look at it in a holistic way. Now that we have addressed that we are our habits. Regarding health, we are our environment. Health is sustained or it deteriorates by external and internal causes. Everything around us can have an impact on our health even our inner environment. The internal & external causes influence each other, which can create downward and upward spirals. So we should try to define the most important factors in our environment to address our health. Let us take a look at the following incomplete list:

  • Light, Sunlight, Artificial Light and nn-EMF
  • Water
  • Magnetism
  • Nutrition.
  • Movement / exercise
  • Sleep
  • Thoughts & Emotions
  • Pollution
  • Social Relations
  • Purpose
  • Stress

All of these factors have an impact on us. It would be unwise to believe that health is all part of one factor. It is not. Nature is a very complex system. Using a deterministic thinking process will be futile. A holistic view of health is the way. If we turn one knob on our Health Dashboard, it will affect other knobs & indicators. By turning all knobs just a little bit, we can have major effects. Thus it would be wise to treat every factor (knob) with respect and sincerity to find the truth. Now we would like to find the habits that would have the most impact on our health. Preferably a habit that would be on the easy side, but with high impact. A habit will only stick if we can do it consistently. The more we enjoy it, the easier it will be. This is off course a personal preference. We will now briefly discuss the knobs from the list above. Included will be (working at the page atm.) links to other pages or posts for further exploration.

Light, water & magnetism are the keys to life on our planet. Earth is spinning around our Sun in the goldilocks-zone and in doing so it gives us light, sets our temperature and gives us our needed energy. Water brings life on our planet. We are covered with this precious molecule. Thanks to the Earth’s magnetic field we are protected from the harmful radiation coming from our sun and the rest of the cosmic. And also our body produces its own magnetic fields. We may not use photosynthesis like plants do, however the Sun does a lot more for our health than we might like to accept. Since the last few decades, humans have resorted more to indoor living and artificial light, which has not the same light spectrum where we have evolved for. So on one hand we don’t get enough real sunlight, and on the other we pollute our body with artificial light.

We wear thick rubber or plastic soles almost all day, we don’t sleep on the floor any more, and are less connected to the earth as we used to be. Our bodies operate electrical and we could use some Grounding now and than. Walking barefoot in the grass, swimming in the sea or a lake, using grounding products while we sleep, relax or work. Making sure we get our body charged up the right way. (to be continued…)

… page not finished yet. More to follow, stay tuned…