How do you find out your passion and purpose in life?

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What is your life all about? I really like this question and I even have troubles finding it out myself. In this post I will try to give you some of my interpretations and how I am now, in my personal life, trying to learn from it.

In order to find out what your purpose or passion is in life, it would be helpful if there was one way to figure it out. But actually there is no Way. Nobody knows the Way. There are endless of possible paths to take. If you are open to your Self, you will come to understand which paths to take in the moment. A couple of suggestions that may help, during this journey, look like this:

  • Just try something, evaluate how you feel or think about it, change or improve the direction you are going and re-run this cycle.
  • You could also look into the stars, do a horoscope (Chinese, Western, Mayan etc), find your Human Design blueprint and corresponding Gene Keys, or get it out some written book. You may find it there or maybe not.
  • Go into nature, sit on a mountain top, near a stream or somewhere in a forest and then meditate until you envision your life’s purpose.

But the main thing I come across when I read about it is finding it within. Listen to your inner guidance system. It gives little hints to take you to your golden path or helps you stay on the right track. You may have to reconnect with it first. Since we live in a society that tries to cut away most of our thinking and feeling and fill your box with advertising and opinions that aren’t yours. It tries to let you feel like you are lacking material and social stuff. So, is it your life or is society living it for you?

It’s an important question, because every year we get older, time looks like speeding up, we are getting closer every day to the end of this human experience. How are you going to look back at your life? Who have you become? What did you do?

If it’s happiness you are looking for, Arthur Schopenhauer wisely said

β€œIt is difficult to find happiness within oneself, but it is impossible to find it anywhere else.”

That means you don’t even need anything to find happiness, only your present being. Maybe all other material things are even distracting you from finding it within yourself. Taking back responsibility and control over your own life now seems a very good idea. Just to make sure I will never say it is easy. I am struggling myself to find out where to put my focus and priorities. Because, what is my real purpose or passion?

The three little suggestions at the top can be very useful to help you reconnect with your inner guidance system. For example I am currently using the first one. In my life, skiing and snowboarding, being in the mountains covered with snow was my passion. But somewhere I thought I lost it. An opportunity arose for me to stay a whole season in Austria and work as a Ski-instructor. I took the opportunity, after a lot of consideration, and can now evaluate the last 7 weeks. So how do I feel about it until now? Did I got that special feeling back?

Well I am now finding out that having too little time and space to write, read and study is frustrating me. My inner guidance system is telling me that my current purpose lies within the things I am occupying myself with since the last few years. Trying to reconnect with the universe, holistic health, the world, philosophy, writing my book and more.

I can learn a lot from the current experiences. I will learn and develop skills that I can use in the rest of my life. But I have to be careful that I don’t drift away too much of what my inner guidance system is pointing at. The few days that I was skiing to and over my limits did awake that special feeling, though rare, hopefully many of these moments will follow. (The photo, taken by Tomas Koning, at the top is from last week. A fresh dump of snow gave us the unique opportunity to go during a ski-teacher training, with an excellent guide, outside the piste to study the terrain. Can you spot me in the photo? )

So how do you measure, feel or know if you are on the right track. I really think, that if you are doing something that is in line with your inner guidance system, you will get energy from it. You will feel peace, acceptance, happiness and inner harmony. It could only be temporarily, but that’s what life is. It just is. Moments. It is now…and now…and now… Can you hear the echo?

It also helps if you really try to understand yourself and others. When I was doing research in January 2015 for my chapter about knowing yourself I came across the “Human Design System”. I first thought it was some mumbo jumbo, but if you don’t investigate, try and experiment, then you will never now. And I live by the following motto:

“Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own.” – Bruce Lee

The Human Design System actually was so interesting that I dove deeply into the matter. I found out some really cool and awesome ways to understand yourself and others, but also came across the negative sides of how the system evolved. That’s why I am going to write a more comprehensive post about the Human Design System and the Gene Keys. Some kind of ‘start here guide’ is what I am aiming for first. To help others, because it really helped me to come closer to finding my own passion and purpose.

The third option I mentioned above is always helpful. Find a place where you can contemplate life. Really dive deep into your own being. Schedule some alone time in every day. Really engage with yourself without any distractions than your own mind.

Will these suggestions help you? I don’t know. You have to try it, experiment with it. Try to reconnect with your inner guidance system. And off course, tell me how it works for you. What is your current path?

To finish this post I want to share with you my struggle with writing (and other parts in my life). As a perfectionist who knows he can never reach the perfection he thinks he is looking for, I procrastinate lots of things. To overcome this I want to try and just publish more often what I write. Hopefully you, but especially I, can forgive and accept my flaws. We all make mistakes. The more I do, the more experience I build, the more I learn. That’s life. Just do, experience, evaluate, learn and repeat.

Have a wonderful day!

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