Diabetes and health part 1

While I am here in Austria spending my time as a ski-teacher and other ski-school activities, after work my mind is especially busy with other subjects. Finding enough time and space for these subjects and additional activities doesn’t go easy for me. But my intention to regularly post a new article should stay in effect. I have some blog-posts on my to write list, but these need more time, for good argumentation, than I have at the moment. Still I would like to publish here a post that had little to none preparation, ‘off the cuff’ you could say. Because it feels important. In the future I will write more extensive about it.

I want to discuss diabetes 2 and a little about diabetes 1. As you know the costs for health care are getting out of proportions. A lot of people are getting sick, have obesity, get diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer. That is not something that makes us happy. We gladly give away our responsibility to government, medical institutions and other policy makers or organizations.

But how much do these organizations know about the human body? How much does science know about the human body? How sure are the assumptions that change every so many years? Policy rules change from era to era. Statistics can be easily manipulated and you can empower every argument with statistics. Just a difference in layout and interpretation is enough to show two or more sides of the coin.

So why could I ever say something meaningful about diabetes? Have I something to do with it myself? No, but I have my own experiences with bad health. One of the threads in my life is all about fatigue. From Pfeiffer to chronic fatigue syndrome and after that Lyme disease. So I actually thought I had finally cured myself from the chronic fatigue, but a summer vacation later I got the Borrelia Bacteria (that causes Lyme Disease). Meanwhile I managed to get this under control on my own. Next to that I read a lot about health in general. But off course that just doesn’t say anything at all, it does not give me any authority or expert-title to say something about this. Still I would gladly give you some information to further investigate the wonderful world of health around diabetes.

With that being said, I would dare to say that:

… diabetes 2 is reversible, instead of the common thought that diabetes 2 is chronic and will eventually lead, among other things, to blindness, decaying feet and death.

… diabetes 1 is much better manageable than is suggested in general.

… people that have cardiovascular disease without diabetes 2 are just not yet diagnosed for diabetes.

… there are more people with diabetes, but the current standardized tests for diagnosing are insufficient.

… diabetes is more an insulin problem than a glucose problem. With that I mean insulin resistance.

… the current policy advises that are being given to deal with diabetes 2 are just making things worse. (Luckily there are some big changes happening, so these advises will change as well.)

… there is too much money being made of patients and that profiting agencies are ok with that.

… you should better take back your own responsibility and start with reading and watching the information I am providing at the bottom of this post.

Simple basic rules to reverse, prevent or manage diabetes are as follows:

  • Start with intermittent fasting. With possible extensions to multiple days of fasting.
  • Replace everything you drink with water, tea and coffee. Without sugar off course.
  • Change your food pattern from HCLF (High Carb Low Fat) to LCHF (Low Carb High Fat or Lesser Carb). That means, less sugar and refined carbs and more fat and quality protein.

Start with these three simple habits. Give yourself a half year to implement these changes. The first two months you use to gradually decrease the eating window to 5-8 hours every day. No caloric nutrient is taken in, outside of this time-period. The rest of the day you will drink water (eventual with a teaspoon of ‘sole’ (seasalt solution)) or tea.
An example could be that you nicely eat lunch with your coworkers around 12:00 and at home backload on food during socializing until 20:00.

The next two months you will use to also change the sugary drinks you are consuming, inside the 5-8 hour time window, for water, tea or coffee. After that you will switch to a food pattern based on LCHF. In the four months leading up to this change of food pattern, you will off course have made a good preparation to start of greatly.

I believe that through this you can build down your medication you are perhaps using, and meet the world with an abundance of radiating fitness and health.

Do not let yourself get fooled by doctors, companies, organizations or fellow humans. So also not by me. Just try it out. Experiment with it and see what it brings you.

The easiest habit for me was to change everything I drank to just water and tea. And sometimes a glass of whiskey, because I am not perfect either. Now in Austria the last one has turned into Schnaps. Off course in moderation.

My period of multiple months of intermittent fasting were a successful experiment. I paused this period shortly for an extra treatment against Lyme. Now I am gradually implementing this again, just by simply skipping a morning meal and enjoying lunch with guests up on the mountain. So lunch is my first meal or in other words the breaking of my fast.

LCHF is quite hard to manage here, especially when you have kids groups, let’s just say that for me LC stands for lesser carbs at the moment.

Luckily I get enough exercise here and I am probably insulin sensitive as well, for now.

Are you joining me to implement these three simple habits? Then start now, make a plan, set a starting date, set reminders, do it together with others to keep each other responsible. But most of all start with reading and watching the following material:

An interview with Dr Joseph R. Kraft where is being explained why the current tests for diabetes fail. Especially watch the different insulin patterns.



Kraft Patterns. Van Dr. Joseph R. Kraft / Visualisatie door Ivor Cummins (thefatemperor.com)
Kraft Patterns. Van Dr. Joseph R. Kraft / Visualisatie door Ivor Cummins (thefatemperor.com)

Start here with reading a great series of articles about fasting from Dr Jason Fung.

Or his whole series of articles about calories.

Great articles, all free, but you also have the option to order his new book “The Obesity Code”.

Here a Dutch initiative from ‘Voeding Leeft’ to reverse diabetes two: keerdiabetesom.nl

There you can find this video as well.

Two well extensive written experiences with better managing Diabetes 1. This with either LCHF or Ketogenic/Paleolithic food pattern.



Here links to information about LCHF:
LCHF for beginners

Here en here LCHF recipes.

Here a video of a dialogue between Tim Noakes & Fred Brouns.

And The Noakes Foundation that is doing research.

And more reading material:

Een omkering van diabetes. (Reversing Diabetes)

An article about high insulin rates

De misinformatie over diabetes en dieet. (The misinformation about diabetes and diet)

There is much more to tell, but as I said, that is for next time.

Wishing you a lovely day!

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